How much organization do you really need?

Do you need more flexibility or do you need more stability? Does your company need more flexibility in order to react quicker and more effective on the unpredictable changes in your relevant markets? Or does your company need more clarity and continuity, so that your customers and employees can give you deep trust? Or do you need both simultaneously – stability and flexibility?

MOOVE Consulting supports you in examining both the agility and stability of your management and organizational structures, while adapting them to new demands, both internal and external to your company. The necessary balance between change and preservation, as well as organization and individuals always remains in close focus. What has proven success should be consolidated, and what has not, should change. The entire company should increase its performance, and individual employees should be able to develop their resources and skills, both for their own improvement and for the growth of the company.

Services and tools:

  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Adaption of organizational designs and consulting of reorganization processes
  • Improvement of communication and decision-making structures
  • Organizational consulting of digitization processes
  • Introduction of process management
  • Integration of organizational and project logic
  • Introduction of agile project management, integration of traditional and agile project management
  • Establishment and improvement of knowledge management systems
  • Business coaching for individual enterprises, freelancers and start-ups

Examples from our consulting practices:

  • Introduction of an agile process management model for the internal advisors of an international development service provider (about 24.000 employees)
  • Organizational development of the program management of the national implementation of an EU-support program in Austria
  • Organizational development of a multi-level governance model for integrated spatial and regional development in Austria
  • Pilot study on the introduction of S4HANA in a public IT-enterprise (about 600 employees)
  • Re-organization of a core process of an international development service provider by implementing agile project management (about 24.000 employees)
  • Re-organization of the country office (about 2.000 employees) of a globally operating service company: introduction of a functional business area model, establishment of a management board, integration of staff units into the line organization, re-organisation and improvement of interfaces to the headquarters
  • Re-organization of the risk management office (about 200 employees) of a globally operating service company, including the introduction of a new leadership approach
  • Re-organization of a church organization in Austria


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