... are you still hesitating or already leading?

Organizations are no juke box - but highly unpredictable, self-organizing, living systems. If we are ready to accept these special characteristics of organizations, the systemic function of leadership gains radical importance, while leaders gain more clarity in their leadership roles. Leadership is mainly a service to the company, and should not be misunderstood as a kind of old-fashioned heroism. The success of a company is never simply in the hands of individual leaders. It is always the result of appropriate decision-making structures, communication processes and incentive systems, too, which both executives and employees can follow.

MOOVE Consulting supports you in the improvement of your company's performance through functional management structures and strengthening of the leadership skills of your executives.

Services and tools:

  • Improvement of leadership models and management structures
  • Integration of organizational and human resources development
  • Preparation and implementation of leadership development programs
  • Introduction of agile leadership models
  • Introduction of lateral leadership models (leadership by "first among equals")
  • Assessment center for executives
  • Executive coaching

Examples from our consulting practices:

  • Leadership development program for a German specialized commercial bank, biennial
  • Introduction of an agile leadership model in a consulting firm
  • Executive coaching of CEO, managing directors, public administration managers, and company founders
  • Preparation and implementation of an assessment center for the replacement of top managers of a public administration organization (development of job specifications, preparation of the announcements, preparation of a pre-selection, briefing of the assessors, moderation of the assessment center)


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