How much organization do you really need?

Do you need more flexibility or do you need more stability? Does your company need more maneuverability in order to react quicker and more sustainably on the unpredictability of your relevant markets? Or does your company need more clarity and continuity, so that your customers and employees will give you their precious trust? Or do you possibly need both - stability and flexibility?

Moove Consulting supports you in examining both flexibility and stability of your management and organizational structures and in adapting to new demands both inside and outside your company. The necessary balance between change and preservation, between organization and individual always remains in view. What has proven value should be consolidated - and what does not, should change. The entire company should increase its performance and individual employees should be able to develop their resources and skills both for their own improvement and for the growth of the company.

Services and tools:

  • Organizational diagnosis, development of organizational designs, design of reorganization processes, improvement of communication and decision-making structures
  • interface analysis, process optimization
  • construction of knowledge management systems
  • project management, business coaching for individual enterprises, freelancers and start-ups.

For example:

The national organization of a globally operating service company experienced an intense period of growth with increases of up to ten times the annual turnover and the number of employees. The company is looking for a new solution for its organizational structure. An additional management layer is added to the executive level in a one-year reorganization process, the management team is installed at the top level, numerous staff units are reintegrated in line organization and interface management is optimized with the headquarters.