Make more of your communication!

Facilitation brings communication to flow. Facilitation ensures a creative and constructive atmosphere, makes the experience and the knowledge of the people involved available for the entire group, structures discussions, manages the handling of conflicts, focuses on time management and supports participants to produce results and decisions together.

Are you looking for efficient, creative and solution-oriented forms of communication? Moove Consulting offers comprehensive facilitation services starting from methodological and organizational preparation to implementation on-site, as well as documentation of the results.

Services and tools:

  • facilitation of management strategic meetings, team meetings, workshops, conferences, symposia, peer-level-consultation
  • facilitation of large group formats (World Café, Future Search, Open Space), Special formats (Appreciative Inquiry, Dynamic Facilitation, Speedgeeking, Pecha Kucha, storytelling) and combined forms.

For example:

The management of a large Austrian non-profit organization invites approximately one hundred executives to a one-day World Café in order to gather a comprehensive view of the changes of relevant determining factors of the organization expected in the coming years as well as possible options for its strategic positioning.