Together, you are more ...

Cooperation is a key competency for the future! The topic of cooperation is given new meaning by global interconnectedness as new information and communication technologies flatten hierarchies and increase permeability of organizational boundaries. This affects both internal structures of the individual company as well as fastidious division of labor between several companies. Cooperation creates a sensible alternative to futile lone warrior missions or risky mergers. Cooperation helps to reduce cost and risk, to make use of synergies and to gain new perspectives.

Moove Consulting supports you with the strategic assessment of your needs for cooperation, preparing attractive options for cooperation and concrete implementation of your cooperation projects.

Services and tools:

  • examination of your requirements, stakeholder analysis, PIANO analysis, feasibility studies, business planning for cooperation projects, cooperation balance
  • coaching of cooperation management, coaching of cluster management
  • Capacity WORKS
  • team development of cross-organizational project teams
  • knowledge management in cooperation projects
  • conflict resolution

For example:

A business cooperation consisting of 6 companies in the fields of plastics technology, engineering and consulting, intends to examine the status quo of their cooperation and common purpose. The hitherto fulfillment of expectations is checked in a joint strategy workshop. As a result, the common strategic direction, the required communication and decision-making structure as well as further procedures are revised.